Younger Associates provides services to businesses, professional groups, industry, economic development entities and governments. The firm has grown and evolved into two specialized divisions staffed by experienced professionals within their field of expertise. The market research division specializes in economic development and strategic planning. The advertising division offers strategic marketing communications planning, public relations, media relations, website development and full service marketing materials development.

Our History

Younger Associates was founded by Sharon Younger in 1990. Before founding Younger Associates, Dr. Younger was an associate professor of market research and advertising at Union University. Sharon, becoming well known in market research as a professor, attracted local businesses in need of her expertise. Dr. Younger was presented with the opportunity to start Younger Associates as her demand in the industry increased. Read more about Sharon Younger.

Today, Younger Associates is nationally known for our research in Economic Development and Labor Force Analysis. Through years of solving challenging problems for our clients, Younger was and continues to be presented with new opportunities that have developed the team into the full service marketing and research company we are today.
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