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Nexcess Account Setup

If you have an Expression Engine (EE) website, Younger recommends using Nexcess as they have specialized hosting and support for EE websites. The following are the steps required to setup your Nexcess account for the Younger team to begin migrating your website.

Step One

Sign up for a Nexcess account. Look for the "Don't have a Nexcess account? Sign Up" link. Please read all steps before signing up.*

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Step Two

Add your billing information by selecting from the left menu Billing > Payment Info & select the plus to add a credit card and billing address.

Add payment info nexcess instructions

Step Three

Add the email web@youngerfirm.com as a team member with Superuser and Technical permissions.

Access team members nexcess

Adding team member permissions nexcess

Remember to invite the email web@youngerfirm.com as a team member with Superuser and Technical permissions.

Step 4

You have successfully setup your Nexcess account and are ready to migrate your website to Nexcess! Please notify your point of contact at Younger that your account has been set up successfully and your ready to migrate!

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