American Millwork


~ $2 Million Economic Impact from Annual Revenue
12 Total Jobs Supported from Annual Revenue

Estimated Economic Impact Analysis

from Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue
Final Demand Output Multiplier
Economic Impact of Annual Revenue
Direct Jobs
Shelby County Annual Average Wage - Industry Specific
Wages Paid to Direct Jobs
Direct Effect Employment Multiplier
Indirect Jobs Supported (Full-Time Equivalent)
Total Jobs Supported (Direct & Indirect)
Shelby County Annual Average Wage - All Industries
Wages Paid to Indirect Jobs
Total Wages Paid to Direct and Indirect Jobs
Shelby County Average Sales Tax
Indirect Sales Tax Generated from Spending

Our Assumptions

We base this analysis summary off two key data points provided by direct sources and online reports. These important data points are Annual Revenue ($1,460,726) and the direct jobs (6) that are supported in Shelby County. Contact us if these numbers are incorrect and we can update your report.

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Our Methodology

Younger has invested over 30 years in economic development research refining our economic impact analysis model. We utilize local BEA data and tax data to quantify precise region specific results. Read more about each calculation and terms used within this report.

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